More Than Just Luck?

I have a friend, who might just be the luckiest guy around! Why? Normally he would have been dead after a serious and sudden cardiac arrest. Almost 90% of people who suffer similar episodes just don’t make it! The nearest ambulance depots are right over the other side of his town and would normally have taken too long to get to him!

BUT one of two, who had been called to accident sites, was not needed and was able to travel the few hundred metres to where my friend was. Just luck? Well I don’t know – to be honest I don’t actually think so!

The paramedics were able to put the electric paddles onto his chest and rush him to hospital.

The doctors subsequently told my friend, who told me, that if the ambulance had not have been so very close that most likely he would be dead.

I read once where Mike Edwards, formerly of the Electric Light Orchestra, died when a 1,300 pound bale of hay rolled down a hillside, landing on his van, crushing him. That bale of hay, that snuffed the life out of this decent and peaceful man, was a happenstance of sheer bad luck!

I think its much about ‘randomness’ – which can play out in very elusive ways, sometimes causing us to avoid accounts and/or instances of just good luck.

My friend became fascinated (as have I) instances where people often look for much deeper reason, for occurrences, than simple good luck. We have both been doing some research on the subject – he much more than me.

We have both, independently, come to the firm conclusion that chance (or luck, whichever you prefer to call it) plays a much much bigger role in life than most people give it credit for!

The bizarre thing about it though is that the luckiest amongst us often appear to be less likely to value and understand our good fortune – our luck.

Gets you thinking doesn’t it?

An interesting quote from E B White, says “Luck is not something you mention in the presence of self-made men”. Words that also have you thinking and wondering?

As Ditsy as Ever – Thank Heavens

What a relief! Have just been told that most, if not all, my friends find me as delightfully (their words not mine) ditsy as I have ever been! And here I have been concerned that I was becoming a little boring!

In the back part of my mind I think that as a lab assistant (who is much respected) that I cannot really be too ditsy but then again I do some very strange things at time, things that make my husband look at me in a very puzzled and confused way.

The dog always seems to understand me though – we talk about this ditsy behaviour of mine quite often. Yes, you can ‘talk’ of a type with your dog if he, or she, is intelligent.

I have always been the type of person who spends a fair portion of my waking hours thinking – more than a few hours a day anyway. Sometimes it’s about small and unimportant things but often, as not, it can also be about some fairly serious subjects.

And I certainly don’t think about the same subjects over and over again.

Maybe I have been watching more TV lately? Certainly I have been watching more episodes of the Kardashians and they are enough to make even sane people go ditsy!

But I am not all ditsy. I enjoy following and/or reading people such as Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris – they really make you think!

Drama Queens – Best not to Become One

What actually is a Drama Queen? Getting caught up in ‘seemingly harmless’ gossip is a good way to become deeply involved in drama and to even qualify as a Drama Queen – so are you one or in danger of becoming one?

Do you nurture stories by getting involved in so called harmless gossip (no such thing when you think about it)? Frankly, the energy any of us put into embellishing whatever it is, contributes heavily to making whatever it is, so much worse. That energy is also wasted!

There is definitely a better way for us all to spend our time – to live our lives!

Do you get heated and insist on arguing about whatever you feel is either “right” or is “wrong”? Does it really matter one way or the other? After all even if you feel 100% sure of your point of view – it is just that – your point of view, isn’t it?

It could be right or it could be wrong. Maybe you can say, “I can prove I am right and they are wrong” – that said, even if you are 100% correct, does it matter that much, is it so crucial that you be proved right? Because it just makes the other person (and it could be either a good friend or a work colleague) feel either embarrassed or bad about themselves (or both, or worse).

It is not often easy, but all of us need to stop criticising and judging others – spend the time, you would have invested in doing that, in creating your own exciting, creative and uplifting life.

I, at times, due to a number of stressful and challenging life situations, have taken my feelings out on others – well I used to anyway. NOW if I am beginning to feel that way I detach myself from their company by way of taking a walk, counting to 10 (or 20, 30 or 40 sometimes even more).

There is an extremely simple rule of thumb to use when you may sense you are on the verge of becoming a drama queen and treading on people’s feelings.

Before you say anything stop, and ask yourself two very simple questions;

  1. Is it necessary to say this to them – in other words will this assist them (as well as you maybe)?
  2. Is it kind to say this to them?

If the answer to both is YES – open your mouth and say it!

If the answer is a “No” do not say a word.

You will notice not only a difference in your life but in the lives and interactions of those around you – mark my works – try it!

Am I becoming boring?

I began to wonder the other day that people might be beginning to find me boring – don’t know why but once the idea got into my mind – I didn’t seem to be able to get it out!

Silly probably but it was there. Being boring is not just about who you are as an actual person but how you present yourself.

As I felt I needed to rid myself of these thoughts – because we all know if you think about something long enough that is what you become – I put a few points to myself instead of just ignoring the whole thing.

Maybe I am crazy – well ditsy (as many people have already said I am) but I think the best way to beat something is to get to the bottom of it!

SO, here are a few points that I put to myself (don’t laugh) and then answered (don’t laugh again).

  1. Interesting people are those that like to have conversations whereas boring people more often than not avoid them, don’t they?
  2. Boring people enjoy their own comfort too much usually.
  3. Well informed people are not boring
  4. Non-boring people like to explore, to challenge to get out there and boring people just want to stay put.

Now how I answered them – truthfully too – I promise you!

  1. I love to have different conversations and rarely, if ever, avoid having them.
  2. I am not really into remaining comfortable.
  3. Well-informed on a number of subjects is my middle-name (well almost).
  4. I love to explore – as hard as it is at time I am into pushing through my comfort zone!

Obviously I am not in the least boring!