Hey there, isn’t this a bit weird? Me, on a website! I’m Liz Clark; I’m 28 years old and live with my wonderful husband Tom, my two kids David (6) and Sarah (4) and our dog Abby (the most beautiful black Labrador you have ever come across). I work as a lab assistant in London, working on drug therapies for a number of illnesses. Most would think that would make me a ‘proper smart woman’ but I can assure you now that I’m as ditsy as they come! Science is the only thing I’m good at – the rest I’m either average or terrible with (don’t even get me started on how bad I am with things like history, it is shocking). When I’m not working or with my kids, I like to read (crime novels are my absolute favourite), run (not trying to brag, but I ran a marathon last year and am hoping to try again this year), play bingo and dance (obviously not at the same time, that would end in a disaster!) The dance style I’m most into is tap, mostly because of the sounds the shoe makes on the wooden floor, I drive my husband insane with it, but it’s what I love so there’s no stopping me!

This is all very strange, not talking face to face with someone, and knowing that the person reading this is probably a complete stranger. It’s like talking to a void with nobody replying, or just talking to yourself. But that’s the joy of the internet, meeting new people and expressing yourself in new ways!

I feel like I’m going on and on about myself here, it’s so weird, I have no idea where to stop or what to do because there is no-one replying. It’s nothing I’m used to at all! Though I must say I am enjoying it, I like talking (maybe not so much about myself all the time, I’m not that self centred), I’m a proper motor mouth when I get going! I should probably stop now though, because I completely bore you all to death if I haven’t done so already!

I hope anybody out there reading this enjoys my blog!