Am I becoming boring?

I began to wonder the other day that people might be beginning to find me boring – don’t know why but once the idea got into my mind – I didn’t seem to be able to get it out!

Silly probably but it was there. Being boring is not just about who you are as an actual person but how you present yourself.

As I felt I needed to rid myself of these thoughts – because we all know if you think about something long enough that is what you become – I put a few points to myself instead of just ignoring the whole thing.

Maybe I am crazy – well ditsy (as many people have already said I am) but I think the best way to beat something is to get to the bottom of it!

SO, here are a few points that I put to myself (don’t laugh) and then answered (don’t laugh again).

  1. Interesting people are those that like to have conversations whereas boring people more often than not avoid them, don’t they?
  2. Boring people enjoy their own comfort too much usually.
  3. Well informed people are not boring
  4. Non-boring people like to explore, to challenge to get out there and boring people just want to stay put.

Now how I answered them – truthfully too – I promise you!

  1. I love to have different conversations and rarely, if ever, avoid having them.
  2. I am not really into remaining comfortable.
  3. Well-informed on a number of subjects is my middle-name (well almost).
  4. I love to explore – as hard as it is at time I am into pushing through my comfort zone!

Obviously I am not in the least boring!