As Ditsy as Ever – Thank Heavens

What a relief! Have just been told that most, if not all, my friends find me as delightfully (their words not mine) ditsy as I have ever been! And here I have been concerned that I was becoming a little boring!

In the back part of my mind I think that as a lab assistant (who is much respected) that I cannot really be too ditsy but then again I do some very strange things at time, things that make my husband look at me in a very puzzled and confused way.

The dog always seems to understand me though – we talk about this ditsy behaviour of mine quite often. Yes, you can ‘talk’ of a type with your dog if he, or she, is intelligent.

I have always been the type of person who spends a fair portion of my waking hours thinking – more than a few hours a day anyway. Sometimes it’s about small and unimportant things but often, as not, it can also be about some fairly serious subjects.

And I certainly don’t think about the same subjects over and over again.

Maybe I have been watching more TV lately? Certainly I have been watching more episodes of the Kardashians and they are enough to make even sane people go ditsy!

But I am not all ditsy. I enjoy following and/or reading people such as Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris – they really make you think!