Bingo! That is Online

I never thought I’d play, let alone enjoy, bingo – well I do!

I especially enjoy Online Bingo and that’s not only because it’s easier to play, after all it’s at your fingertips, but at the end of a day when I’m tired or on the week-end when I simply want to veg out, playing online is so much better in every way.

A friend suggested I give it a try, I did not think I’d still be playing a few years later. I found it easier, much easier, than I thought to start (and lucrative to start too). Some new bingo sites, such as Bingo Date even give you a £15 free bingo no deposit – can’t sniff at that.

A number of sites, have a wide variety of games apart from bingo – such games as slots. They also have generous ‘no deposit’ promotions and jackpots. There are a number of other sites with Free Welcome Bonuses.

Frankly you can’t lose if you’re smart, watch what money you commit – you really can start out very small and win reasonable big. That’s what I did. And what makes playing online a lot of fun too is the quality of the high definition streaming which constantly continues to improve.

Online Bingo is becoming more and more popular – I now have a whole bunch of family and friends who play online – people I never ever thought would become involved – and they all love it. It’s a really fun, convenient and satisfying hobby – that’s why I personally play – I see it as a hobby not a money spinner.

10 years ago there were only about 20 online bingo sites. Guess how many now – over 350! Work out those percentages.

Okay many of the people who used to play at crowded tables with friends, may have originally said playing online defeats the purpose, that is meeting up with old ones and/or meeting new friends but playing one as I said above is so so convenient – you don’t have to get dressed up to go out.

But there’s room in most of our schedules for both isn’t there because simply speaking going out to play is something that sometimes we wish to do!

Both ways of playing are welcoming, chatty and super friendly!

Okay the calls are often rather corny – for example “Two Fat Ladies” but that’s still part of the fun isn’t it? I still get a giggle from them, I imagined all types of things when I first heard “Legs 11”! Don’t ask what though.

Think about it, have a go – you can for free. That’s how I decided to go, try it out and go from there, and a few years later I’m still enjoying it.