I got confused! Easter or Mothering Sunday?

For some strange reason, when I did my last post, I thought this weekend was Easter – don’t ask me why but I came to believe that Easter was at the beginning of March, rather than near the end! I had even asked people over to a special Easter Sunday lunch.

It is no wonder I suppose that people think I am a little ditsy at times (well most of the time as far as some are concerned). Some people delighted in texting, emailing or even ringing to tell me!

Well its Mothering Sunday, called Mother’s Day by some (the American version of the day I am reminded) so I just told people to come along anyway! So where, when, why & how did the Mothering Sunday/Mother’s Day traditions start?

It is a trifle complicated. The occasion of Mother’s Day originated in the US, actually being proclaimed as such by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914 – as the result of a campaign by Anna Jarvis. The British revival of Mothering Sunday is attributed to Constance Smith, who was inspired in 1913 after reading a newspaper report of Annan Jarvis’s campaign for the celebration in America.

So where is the complication, the big difference? Well Constance Smith was a High Anglican who actually believed that “a day in praise of mothers” was expressed in the liturgy of the Church of England – unfortunately she was wrong but I don’t think we mothers care do we?

Constance did a lot to revive the customs of Mothering Sunday for which we should all thank her – she even published a booklet in 1920 named ‘The Revival of Mothering Sunday’.

Now I don’t know about you, maybe you aren’t into traditions or the history of them but I find some quite interesting – Mothering Sunday is one of them. Want to know more simply Google it – you will pick up things you would never have known.

And you never know you could even get interested in finding out more about a lot of things?!

What I find quite interesting is the fact that neither Anna Jarvis nor Constance Smith ever became mothers themselves? Two women who weren’t mothers came up with a day (with variations) that celebrated the fact of motherhood?

Whatever your thoughts – have a good day!