Improving My Luck?

I wrote recently about Luck; and as I have been giving it a great deal of thought lately (on and off) I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to write a little more – so here goes.

Have you personally wondered if we can actually improve the level of our luck?

I certainly have often wondered (usually just in passing) why some people are lucky always in regards to their health – in other words they always seem to enjoy good health while another person always seem to catch everything going?

Why do some people seem to have the Midas touch – they do something, get involved in something, and they seem to automatically find wealth and prosperity. Whereas someone else never appears to succeed at anything?

WHY OH WHY? It can be downright depressing – especially so when the only luck you ever seem to have yourself is only of the Bad kind!

It is obvious to me that for some people good luck just flows to them naturally — buy why?

It is possible to turn our luck around – mine certainly seems to now be on the road to redemption. My luck is beginning to feel as if it too, is not ditsy, only me!

When I first came across this tip I thought “Oh no, not this old chestnut”. But I thought to myself, ‘well you have nothing to lose by trying it’ – so I did. So what is this tip — Positive Thinking Attracts Luck!

To be honest I have nearly always had the mentality that the glass is half empty NOT that the glass is half full – no positive thinking in that attitude that is for sure.

So join me – its not easy I know from experience – in adapting your thinking. The great news is that being optimistic can aid you in relieving stress and helping you to live longer. That glass half-full attitude can help you win money too! Assists you in keeping going, trying and that way you end up winning!]

Visualization – now I have tried the technique in the past and can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, that you succeed more when you use it than when you don’t! Don’t over think, and therefore, over complicate this – just picture yourself experiencing something – ie GOOD LUCK for instance. See yourself winning that prize, dealing with that situation, meeting that person – etc etc.

Affirmations really do underpin and support positive and good luck thinking.

Whatever you think after reading these points – like me – you have nothing to lose so try it – no reason not to is there