Keeping up with the news

It makes me angry that because I come across as so called “ditsy” to some people that pretty much those same people believe I couldn’t possibly be interested in what’s going on around me, or to be more precise, current affairs!

Because I am – interested that is. More than interested really and its so easy to be up to date with current news and opinions by tapping into a number of great online sites. For instance, or to name just a few.

If you are at home and don’t want to pop out for a newspaper, or cant be bothered waiting around to catch a news program on the box, there certainly isn’t the need nowadays. I have a busy and fascinating job, two kids, a great dog and a husband (not always necessarily tended to in that order – sometimes the dog’s first!).

For instance its oh so easy and quick to plug into ‘newsnow..’ (one of my fave sites as they have access into 1,000’s of sources around the World) ensures that you can be kept up-to-date “24/7” if that’s what you want. At least you’re sure you are current!

One story that’s fascinated me in the last fews days is one I picked up at ‘newsnow’ and that is that women working in the finance industry get paid up to 40% less than men. Can you believe that?

It disgusts me frankly. Its all very well for people to say something like “well why do they put up with it, they can quit and go somewhere else”. Much easier said than done, plus there’s the factor that if they did change jobs the new job is likely to pay exactly the same (less than men) rate!

Its important for girls thinking of a career in either the finance and/or the insurance sector to realise that those sectors are the worst at closing the gender pay gap and they’re unlikely to change any time soon!

Keep in mind too that the pay gap between men and women exists in not 50%, not 60%, not even 70 or 80% of sectors, but a MASSIVE 90% of sectors!

It makes sense doesn’t it, that the more under-represented women are in a particular area, the bigger the wage gap is. Now its damn easy for people (especially other women, which I find very irritating) to stay, “well if more women should break into that area and then women will eventually get paid more”.

You feel like slapping their silly faces (well I do anyway). I bet those that speak like that are the very ones who never push themselves out of their boring little comfort zones!

Here’s some great news for women who are looking for some great reasons why women could and should replace men in some roles, and push through those so-called “Glass Ceilings” – and it’s a fabulous case for promoting boardroom variety.

Its been revealed in a number of studies that Boards made up of a mixture of women and men – not just men – outperform the male only ones by over £430bn.

NOW isn’t that one magnificent example of why there should be more women on boards than there is currently? Too damn right it is!!!

I could go on and on (my husband says I already do about a number of things) about this subject but I’ll leave you in peace (for a few days anyway).