Labrador training

According to training experts it does differ. No dog is born with the precise knowledge of what you want him, or her, to do – or more importantly what you don’t want them to do! And Labs are very much included in this group!

They may be very loving and cute but let’s face it they don’t know about all the rules to go with living in our (human) world. They become acclimatised fairly easily if trained correctly but to start with they have no idea (no more than a baby does of course).

Must confess I am much better at raising my children, disciplining them, than I have ever been at training any of my dogs. My parents and now my husband Tom, tells me that I am far too soft with the dogs! I must admit they are right. How can I help it thought – Abby looks at me with those big brown eyes and I usually (not always) don’t have the heart to discipline her, especially where there is smacking involved.

But I know, for the sake of Abby’s safety in particular that I need to train her a little more than she is trained at the moment. I will have to harden my heart!

I have found out that I will not be able to train her properly unless I get to know, and utilise, the most effective Labrador/Retriever training methods – so here goes.

Also I am now convinced that our (Abby and I that is) time together will be much more enjoyable if she is better adapted to living in this all-consuming human world.

Abby is well behaved usually when the family settles down for dinner, she doesn’t have to be shut away – well with our immediate family she is but she soon changes into a ‘food sponge’ when my mother and father-in-law come to dinner. She obviously has them all figured out.

She is (Abby I mean not my mother-in-law) good when you take her to the beach (whereas my mother-in-law isn’t). Abby is never a pest – mother-in –law is!

Just joking (sort of) couldn’t resist, mostly because I know mum-in-law is overseas at the moment!

All jokes aside it is amazing how Abby has learned that Grandma will ‘treat’ her to whatever she wants off her plate – Abby is simply repeating a behaviour that ends with a reward – usually a scrap of chicken, a biscuit etc.

Labs will not learn if left alone so Abby (who is already a very good dog) is going to learn to become a superbly behaved dog.