More Than Just Luck?

I have a friend, who might just be the luckiest guy around! Why? Normally he would have been dead after a serious and sudden cardiac arrest. Almost 90% of people who suffer similar episodes just don’t make it! The nearest ambulance depots are right over the other side of his town and would normally have taken too long to get to him!

BUT one of two, who had been called to accident sites, was not needed and was able to travel the few hundred metres to where my friend was. Just luck? Well I don’t know – to be honest I don’t actually think so!

The paramedics were able to put the electric paddles onto his chest and rush him to hospital.

The doctors subsequently told my friend, who told me, that if the ambulance had not have been so very close that most likely he would be dead.

I read once where Mike Edwards, formerly of the Electric Light Orchestra, died when a 1,300 pound bale of hay rolled down a hillside, landing on his van, crushing him. That bale of hay, that snuffed the life out of this decent and peaceful man, was a happenstance of sheer bad luck!

I think its much about ‘randomness’ – which can play out in very elusive ways, sometimes causing us to avoid accounts and/or instances of just good luck.

My friend became fascinated (as have I) instances where people often look for much deeper reason, for occurrences, than simple good luck. We have both been doing some research on the subject – he much more than me.

We have both, independently, come to the firm conclusion that chance (or luck, whichever you prefer to call it) plays a much much bigger role in life than most people give it credit for!

The bizarre thing about it though is that the luckiest amongst us often appear to be less likely to value and understand our good fortune – our luck.

Gets you thinking doesn’t it?

An interesting quote from E B White, says “Luck is not something you mention in the presence of self-made men”. Words that also have you thinking and wondering?