My Best Tonic Ever – Crime Reads

Some fab crime reads around at the moment – so many as a matter of fact that you can feel confused about what to grab first.

If you are having trouble choosing which one to go for first you can always turn to online help sites, such as “”, which has ‘Crime and Mystery Books’ listed and summarised, keeps you up to date with the latest and greatest!

Michael Connelly is one of my all time great favourite crime/thriller authors, excitingly his latest offering ‘The Crossing’ brings together two of his all time best main series characters – ie Harry Bosch (love that man) and Mickey Haller (my second fave).

Connelly always, without fail to this date, has me gripped from the first page, no the first paragraph – well to be truthful almost the first sentence. Brilliant.

Wish there were some single men around like Harry and Mickey – but alas – all the ones I seem to meet (up to now anyway) are quite ordinary.

Another one of my favourite crime authors is Lisa Gardner and though she writes novels with some rather sinister and shadowy characters and gloomy twists she actually started out writing romances – hard to believe now that she keeps dreaming up various ways to kill people!

A crime novel with an ending that I just don’t see coming – well that’s something I don’t come across very often – as I’ve read so many I suppose. But I did read one very recently, and that’s’ Tim Weaver’s book “What Remains”. Try it and I’m sure you wont be sorry.

Following certain authors, simply search their name on Amazon.

See even ditsy people can come up with some great advice!