Sometimes It Really Is Best To Take a Tour

I used to think those people who took tours, rather than to strike out on their own when travelling, were too frightened to take a chance, too wary to really look around! That they missed out on so much! NOW I am not so sure.

A friend of mine who is both daring and adventurous said to me that it is plain common sense sometimes to do a tour to get the very best out of a new place, a new city, a new state or a new country – and often for good reason. Sometimes for security reasons but often because you will miss too many sites and treats!

The plain truth is that sometimes it simply is not sensible or easy to do it all by yourself. The fact is that there are pockets of the world where you will get so much more out of the experience by sitting back, relaxing and allowing someone else to escort you through all the best places and at the right tempo!

She suggested to me that there are particular countries that it definitely is better to do tours (at least on your first trip anyway).

Cuba would be one. I am told that Cuba has recently lifted many of its travel restrictions, opening it up for the first time in many many years which is fabulous!

Although it currently lacks some of the basic amenities for most tourists, it is truly a beautiful and fascinating place – according to my friend.

Central Australia – fascinating place (my friend has been there too). Even locals can become befuddled by the distances. Driving from South Australia across the Nullarbor is certainly an experience I am told – there are hundreds of kilometres of flat straight road but you wont get bored!

This is one where you will get so much more by doing a tour with an experienced guide.

Scotland – been to Scotland of course. They do speak English (with a rather difficult to understand accent in some quarters) but if you are into the literary side of things – definitely do a tour. Even more so if you are a Harry Potter fan.

Tanzania – one country I have wanted to visit for years and years – so wildlife rich. It is one country I really wish to take the kids to as well.

You should not even contemplate going to the stunningly beautiful and exciting Serengeti without a guide.

Don’t know why I have been raving on a bit on this subject but having made the “I want to do it all myself” travel mistake years ago, I don’t want to see other people miss out I suppose?