What Does a Marriage Need to Survive?

Many many people have thrown up different ideas over the years (probably more like centuries) about what a marriage needs to not only survive but be a happy and enjoyably long one – so why not me too?

Well not just me, but the result of a few views shared over a luncheon table, when a few friends and I got together recently at a Ladies Luncheon (all involved have been married for a minimum of 8 years).

So here they are, the ideas that is:

  1. Truly choosing to be in the relationship as opposed to being in it because either; (a) you hate the idea of being alone, (b) you don’t want to be called an old maid, or (c) that horrible one – “obligation”.
  2. Physical Attraction – this is important between two people, it helps you go the distance. Not talking about the original lusting after here but being with that someone that still attracts you to them after that love-at-first-sight thing wears off! And believe me it does!
  3. IMPORTANT – the ability to be able to express anger directly – in other words open communication whatever the situation and/or problem.
  4. Having similar interests, values, beliefs and even goals – holding the same primary values is absolutely vital – no way around that unless you want disaster to fall upon you.
  5. ANOTHER IMPORTANT ONE – the ability to laugh and have fun together. Also the ability to cry and express sadness together.