Wonderful Wonderful

Wonderful husband, wonderful kids, wonderful job and even more wonderful dog – although I dont always necessarily think of these things in that particular order.

I sometimes fanaticize if I could do some of the things I read about in my fave crime novels – the perfect crime that would be a hoot.

Not sure what to do now in regard to this blog, what to say, where to go? I meanĀ about myself, my life, my aims etc – or should I just shut up and let things happen? Yes that sounds a good idea.

I really do feel like I am talking to a brick wall hereĀ – you know they don’t reply either – but I’m sure its all about being patient. Something I rarely am. Want to do, get and experience everything I’m interested in either yesterday or the day before!

I reckon life (if you don’t want to be ‘boring’ with a capital “B”) is all about taking chances, doing mad things and having fun. More fun hearing about other people’s lives (particularly if they’re slightly wacky), how they conquer their mad moments (I have plenty of those I can tell you). So please someone tell me what you do and I’ll give you my top tips on how not to go fully, certifiably mad.